Surya Sainik School, Kherancha

Sainik School, the special focus is on Physical Activities like Army Drill, Running, PT , Yogasan, Karate etc & games like Volleyball, Football, Kho-kho, Kabaddi etc. School has registered with NCC and 30 students (Half Troop) of Junior Battalion have taken their training last year.

The vision of Sainik School is to supply the Officers for the Defence Forces of India. The students passed out from the school are competent enough to prepare for competitive exams for IAS, IPS, Medical, and Engineering etc.

To achieve the above target only, the students with good mental and physical fitness are admitted Two Sainik Schools:

Surya Sainik School, Kherancha
Sainik School, Bilwan

1.Surya Sainik School, Kherancha4720 472
2.Sainik School, Bilwan4958 107
Total 521 58 579
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