Model Schools

The Ministry of Human Resource Development in the year 2010-11 has sanctioned 12 Model Schools to be established in Scheduled Area to enhance the quality of secondary education. These schools are Day-schools and unlike EMRS, are not residential in nature. However, they are based on Kendriya Vidhyalaya pattern and are similar to the EMRS model in terms of their quality, management and facilities. Under the Model School scheme, the recurring grant of Rs. 17,857/- per student per annum and Rs. 3.02 crore as non-recurring & capital cost are provided by ministry of HRD, GoI and State Govt. on 50:50 basis12 Model Schools Sanctioned.

12 Model Schools Sanctioned
Rs. 4,750/- (per student recurring grant) + staff actual salary
Rs. 3.02 crore Non-recurring capital

Since students and teachers do not reside in the schools, commuting from distant and peripheral villages has been known to be a common problem.

In addition to the provisions Under Model School scheme of Ministry of HRD, State govt. Provides following facilities:

  • Lunch to every student
  • Uniform
S.No School Boys Girls Total
1Model School Chhotaudepur324158482
2Model School Naswadi290304594
3Model School Kawant350288638
4Model School Pavi Jetpur256135391
5Model School Danta173126299
6Model School Amirgadh254207461
7Model School Dahod242148390
8Model School Limkheda310272582
11Model School Jalod177112289
9Model School Khedbharma168135303
10Model School Santrampur280189469
12Model School Dediyapada481230711
Total 3,305 2,304 5,609
Address of Model Schools
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