Eklavya Model Residential School (EMRS)

Eklavya Model Residential SchoolEklavya Model Residential School

"A Child without education, is like a bird without wings"

GSTES, Gandhinagar has setup 34 EMRS to provide quality education for the holistic development of the tribal children. GoG has also taken initiative to run few EMRS on a PPP model with well known Trusts involved in education of indigenous people. The medium of instruction of these schools is either Gujarati or English and are generally affiliated to Gujarat Education Board. To provide more competitive environment at the national level.

The main components of the school system are:

Tribal children are provided free education from class 6th to 12th. All the students are getting free lodging, boarding, uniform, stationary, grocery, medical facility etc as in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya.
Eklavya Model Residential School

Looking at the latest developments in education system, schools have been equipped with modern technology like Biometric Attendance System, Computer Lab with 24X7 internet facility, Library, Science labs, Playground, Hostel, Mess etc.


Schools are following GCERT as well as NCERT curriculum, where medium of instruction is either Gujarati or English. Integration of technology in teaching and learning process makes learning enjoyable. To inculcate scientific fervour among these children, DIY (Do It Yourself) individual kits are being used to make them learn the scientific concepts by doing. EMRS of Muni Seva Ashram is providing such kits supplied by ThinkLab (IIT) Mumbai to all the students so that they can imbibe the concepts which was taught in theory classes.
Eklavya Model Residential School Eklavya Model Residential School

To inculcate a spirit of oneness, spirit of competition, fair play and co-operation, sense of belonging to the school and leadership qualities among the students, school follows House System. All the students are divided into several Houses. These Houses compete in different sporting, cultural and academic events and at the end of the academic session best house is awarded with the ´Best House Trophy´
Eklavya Model Residential School

Clubs : To nurture the hidden talent of the tribal children various clubs are formed like Science / IT club, Horticulture / Nursery, Dance / Drama, Photography, Mehndi / Rangoli, Nature, Social work etc.
Eklavya Model Residential SchoolEklavya Model Residential School

To provide more exposure to these children educational tours and picnics are organized on regular basis.
Eklavya Model Residential SchoolEklavya Model Residential School

To develop physical & mental fitness of the tribal children, regular sports & games and Yoga classes are conducted at these schools. Students from EMRS arecompeting at local / district / state level and are doing very well at state and national level and also taking part in major sports events like Khel Mahakumbh.
Eklavya Model Residential School

S.No School Boys Girls Total
1EMRS Waghodiya(MSA)105102207
2EMRS Waghodiya - II156131287
3EMRS Kharedi200238438
4EMRS Lukhadiya190190380
5EMRS Dharampur186178364
6EMRS Kaprada200163363
7EMRS Pardi147153300
8EMRS Vejalpur202187389
9EMRS Kadana147148295
10EMRS Jagana276199475
11EMRS Ambaji251225476
12EMRS Shamlaji170189359
13EMRS Shamlaji - II139139278
14EMRS Kherancha (Sainik School)4650465
15EMRS Nizar (Khodada)241273514
16EMRS Indu Vyara131164295
17EMRS Ukai155170325
18EMRS Saputara230228458
19EMRS Nandod (Gora)196204400
20EMRS Tilakwada199255454
21EMRS Puniyawat160134294
22EMRS Kawant (Sukhi Parivar EMRS)191193384
23EMRS Ahwa222209431
24EMRS Garkhadi113133246
25EMRS Chinchali108115223
26EMRS Mahal118126244
27EMRS Baripada155130285
28EMRS Malegam148147295
29EMRS Bardoli221294515
30EMRS Bartad(Khanpur)156357513
31EMRS Mandvi302959
32EMRS Bilwan (Sainik School)303060
33EMRS Sagbara303060
34EMRS Poshina6341104
35EMRS Vagalkhod191635
36EMRS Naswadi281341
TOTAL 5,778 5,533 11,311
Address of EMRS Schools
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